• ponygirl902 24w


    Weeks ago all I could do was stare at the white wall housing only my clock
    The time reading 4:52am
    I had been awake for hours
    Staring at the clock
    I had put the kids in bed at 8:00pm
    Which was 3 hours after you had left
    They wanted to say goodnight
    So I gave you a call
    But it said the number was terminated
    I didn’t know what to tell the kids
    Except that you’d be home in the morning
    I was sitting there snuggled up with a blanket
    And a cup of coffee
    Waiting for you to walk through that door
    To be alright
    To be ok
    To come in tell me this long story and taking half an hour to get to the point
    To give the kids a hug goodnight
    But that time had never came
    Soon the clock had read 7:00am
    It was time to start the day
    Take Isabel and Caden to school
    Get Mira to daycare
    Go to the store
    Get my workout in
    Go home and get ready for work
    Get to work for 8 hours
    Go pick up Mira
    Get home to Isabel and Caden
    Feed the kids
    Help with homework
    Let them watch an hour of tv
    Put them to bed
    Clean the kitchen
    Go to bed
    Repeat and repeat for days on end
    After 4 days I had gotten the call
    Your friend Charlie had seen you at a party
    Having the time of your life
    Multiple times you were spotted
    Enjoying your life
    Not a single call
    You had told me you were leaving for 2 hours that night
    Now weeks later and you still haven’t returned
    I don’t know what to tell our kids
    I don’t know what to tell Mira when she gets old enough to ask
    Where her father is
    I am alone in this adventure
    With these three kids
    Because you decided to vanish
    To abandon me and our kids
    And all I can say is
    I hope it was worth it abandoning us 4
    Because I ain’t gonna accept you if you come crawling back to us