• asparklinsoul 23w

    //Beautiful You//

    To the beautiful you,
    Please don't cry for undoer
    They come only to give you lecture.
    Strengthen your skills,
    To smash their wills.
    Go down the street,
    With your small feet.
    So what, your colour is dark,
    Make sure, your heart flicker.
    Shine in the sky is not the beauty
    One with seven varieties called pleasing.
    Everyone is alluring on their own style,
    Show your excellence distinctively
    Maintain your glamor in such a way,
    that People regard you convincingly, as beautiful being.

    Smile is free for everyone,
    Few have that everlasting one.
    Wear them daily,
    To kill others repeatedly.
    All mouths have different talks,
    You tight yourself and just walk.
    Famous don't want fame,
    Fame is just for lame.
    Forget the days that made you cry,
    Because your tears will make them joy.
    Even in your born day,
    Your family couldn't stop their flooded eyes,
    Instead of their brightest smile.
    Stay stronger baby,
    Because Only You can
    represent yourself beautifully.