• ngaipibulte 5w

    Happy Birthday"

    He; clothed in wisdom and love,
    Unsung,yet full of integrity..
    Born with Love for the cross,
    and born yet again,to die for the cross.
    He,who serve with smiles,
    Mentor with all his heart,
    And proclaim the gospel,
    with all his strength..

    He;Is a leader,and a friend,
    an inspiration to many youths.
    A respected teacher too.

    As you journeyed along this life,
    Take small steps and reach far..
    Some paths maybe thin as sheets,
    So if you stumble and fall,
    Get your knees up,and go on.
    Enjoy your blissful Youth,
    and merry on the springs of your life..

    May life endow you good health,
    And the blessings of Moses be with you..
    And today i want to wish you,
    "Happy Birthday"