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    Room 26

    Nolan Fey was a 1950s guitarist. He was on a tour of the Pacific Coast, peregrinating from town to town on a bus. Every night after a show he would cease at a hotel for the night and leave the following morning for the next town. He had just 4 shows remaining when he ceased in the diminutive town of Cranton, Utah.
    The hotel appeared rather equivocal. However, it was the only hotel in the town, so Nolan would have to stay there. He entered the hotel and made his way to the front desk to check into his room.

    "I am to stay here tonight,"
    Nolan explained to the woman at the desk.
    "What's the designation?"
    She asked
    "Nolan Fey"
    "Oh, room 26"
    The woman uttered with a puzzled look upon her face
    "Is there a trouble with that room"
    Nolan asked
    "Nevermind. Here is your key. Your room is one flight up the stairs. Have a great stay"
    She handed him the key.
    "Thank you"

    Nolan obtained the key from the woman's hand and commenced up the stairs. Later that night, Nolan had quite the trouble slumbering. He felt an uncanny feeling and felt that something was off. He ended up only sleeping for an hour when he left the hotel at around 7:30 am to go to the next town. He stopped at a cafe nearby for an expeditious bite. While he was there, he told his server about where he had stayed the night before. As he told her, a perplexing look grew from upon her face.

    "That can't be so"
    She explicated
    "That place closed down years ago. A psychopath murdered multiple people in the lobby. He was staying in Room 26"...