• daryl_vander 5w

    Genesis and Revelation

    In the beginning,
    I established a friendship
    And it was good.
    And evening came ..That was the end of the first day.
    The second day,
    I was a nuisance
    Constantly knocking at your door
    But for the fun of it,
    I did it the more.
    On the third day,
    I established a bond
    And as a result,she sent me a song.
    In the beginning of the fourth day,
    She told me how she felt/feels.
    But it was encoded so I didnt think it was real.
    Later that day she dissapeared.
    And on the fifth day,
    She reappeared.
    Claiming I misinterpreted what she said.
    On the sixth day,
    She told me the truth about how she felt
    And were a thing.
    Truth is she only loved me because I was there when she needed help
    And things with me didnt seem like a sin.
    On the seventh day,
    We rested.
    Oh ...and on the eighth day,
    She went away for eight years ..
    And it was like we never existed