• arjunvenugopal07 30w

    Asifa, you will live on . . .

    She was only eight,
    so delicate and thin,
    very simple and pure.
    and so full of life.

    Her journey had just started,
    but destiny couldn't wait any longer,
    for her to reach destination,
    for the destiny wasn't her destination.

    What went wrong ?
    was it because she was a girl,
    was it because she was beautiful,
    or because she liked grazing the horses.

    Why such length ?
    was it lust,
    any personal vengeance,
    or was it for fun.

    She hasn't been flowered yet,
    she hasn't been a woman yet,
    yet, she was intoxicated,
    yet, she was tortured brutally.

    She didn't knew what was happening,
    for she was just a girl stepping into fantasy,
    dreaming about what she will play next,
    and then came reality followed by death.

    How could she believe what she saw,
    had she been told by anyone yet,
    had she been aware of it yet,
    had she been an adult yet.

    All she could believe was,
    it is just a bad dream,
    and once she is awake,
    it will all be over.

    But no matter how hard she tried,
    the dream wouldn't just end,
    then she realised her eyes were half open,
    Is it really happening to me ?

    Not being able to think,
    to ask for help, and not even to cry,
    she was lying down there motionless,
    waiting for someone to find.

    And you, who violated​ her,
    she meant more to the world,
    and no justice could wipe out how she felt,
    and for that, you are not even human.

    And you, the so called parents,
    you know the world we live in,
    you know the darkest horror,
    and why was she alone that day.

    And you, the so called brothers,
    wasn't she you younger sister,
    wasn't it what every boy wanted,
    and were you able to protect.

    And you, humble death,
    you could have shown mercy,
    but as unpredictable as you are,
    you didn't care as usual.

    And you, true almighty,
    where were you,
    wasn't she yours to care,
    and whom are you caring now.

    Had she not been a girl,
    had she not been adopted,
    had she not been interested in horses,
    she could have been alive now.

    Dear Asifa,

    You didn't deserve any of it,
    what happened was never your fault
    but you ended up the one paying.

    What was your dream,
    where did you want to go,
    but you had to leave anyway,
    without even saying a single word.

    What was your favourite food,
    what colour did you like,
    who do you want to become,
    all of it, left unsaid.

    While you were suffering,
    in the deepest means possible.
    day and night went by,
    and all of it were the same to you.

    While you were subjected to brutality,
    you were desperate for the tiniest bit of hope,
    but no thread came in your way,
    to pull you out from the misery.

    Even if I'm the one writing,
    I didn't had to go through it,
    but thinking about you,
    makes it more painful.

    I can't do anything but write,
    the glimpses of what you went through
    even though I can't bear the thoughts,
    but I don't want to forget what happened.

    I write,
    so I will always remember.
    for you are loved and you have a place,
    in our heart and you will live on.

    And none can take that away from you,
    not by any low life, not by death and,
    not even by nature itself,
    for you will always be loved.