• pulanechoane 10w

    MaKhumalo ❤

    I saw you in 2015
    Briefly our eyes and smiles met
    As your son walked hurriedly towards you
    He walked with the excitement of a child but the sensibility of a man
    The Son shone in your face and I caught His glory on your temples
    In your knowing eyes which looked at me with half flinches from trying to see me properly and a half smile because you wanted to be friendly
    Still I stayed away because it is not in our custom to meet our boyfriend's parents until the bride price is paid
    But I was giggly because I saw you and you saw me
    That acknowledgment between two women who love one man fiercely
    One the light the lit the torch
    The other the bearer of the torch, dutied to keep it shining
    I betrayed you when I betrayed him
    Yet I hear you never betrayed me
    How I wish I could have held you
    Heard your epic storytelling
    Gotten notes on how to raise strong men and make them fearful of nothing else but God
    How I wish we could've went to that Dam I'm told you went to as a young girl
    How I mourn for the children that will never be, who will never know what it is to be loved by you
    To experience your wit and grace
    And pout and beautiful face
    My heart breaks for how you left
    But I hope you know that I may have only seen you once but I loved you since
    Our solace is now in the legends you bore and raised