• shadow_girl_ 36w

    This voidness..!!!

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    Today, a good day when It started.
    Everything in it's place and everyone at ease.
    Like the thunder into the silence...
    The phone ringed...
    "I heard it wrong, No,this couldn't happen "
    "You are kidding,right?..it ain't April fool!"

    No! it wasn't a joke...

    Memories scattered in front of my eyes ..
    Your smile, our fights, your laughter, our talks.
    You were irritating ...and sensible..
    But you were my brother.
    You called me "sis" with glittering eyes and love.
    And no! No!no!
    Death cannot take you away.
    For your words lies in my Heart
    Your care and concern will live in us

    Its just like..you-the traveller-is out for a vacation....
    And will meet again.
    Yes! We will meet in another timeline..
    In another wayfare...in another world...