• gangadhar19582058 5w

    Oh! The world scientists..

    Oh! the world scientists,Let' conquer the world. Let's unravel the mystery of life; recreate the scientists of the past; let's relate and keep in touch with the organism living on the neutrons in the atom by entering in a microscopic form/microcosm(but one minute of us is an era/age to them); Similarly, let's connect with the world's out of our Geo-universe by entering in a macroscopic form/macrocosm(our age/era is equal to a minute in their world. And also associate with the other people&planets in our universe.
    Dear science enthusiasts, I am an unfortunate Indian scientist subjected to negligence racism and discrimination despite did over a 1000 researches&studies. Kindly follow&find out my researches in all websites/search engines by searching my name GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI. Achieved so far is insignificant. There are many more mysteries to be achieved. So the world scientists! move to conquer the world. I also conducted some basic idea researches in this regard such as Time-Machine, Geo-Machine, Bio-Machine etc. Ofcourse, the research I have done is equivalent to dust. I call on world scientists to begin researches to conquer the creation.
    Remember and recreate me if my thoughts about the recreation/conquer the world are fulfilled in the future to complete my un-completed missions and thoughts together with the world Great scientists.