• thesharedverse 5w


    With the beauty of the nature,
    And man being a tedious creature,
    Joy is everywhere.

    It’s in the grass that is green,
    The holiday peace of sleeping in.

    Oh! The serene beauty of the blue sky,
    The amazing dress that you buy!

    Delight in the scent of the first rain,
    A favorite web series to entertain.

    It’s in the ‘whoosh-crash’ of the waves in the ocean,
    Or the celebration of your promotion.

    What a panoramic cliff end!
    The high of getting a compliment.

    It’s in the blissful bloom of spring,
    The feeling of getting an engagement ring.

    Amazing! The mountain climate of euphoria,
    Or the late-night delicious pizza.

    Happiness is joy,
    And joy is everywhere.
    -Pavitra Patel