• ahomsey 11w


    Everything ends eventually no matter your expectations.
    I'm cutting off what's not meant for me without any hesitation.
    It occured to me my boundaries caused you quiet a few frustrations.
    So you slandered me and played victim out of your own desperation.
    You dropped your mask revealing your lack of spiritual education.
    Only after you picked me apart without any consideration.
    Yet I know who I am regardless of your various manipulations.
    I'm at a point in my journey now guided solely by constellations.
    Taking time to learn my stars which upgrades my communication.
    Getting to know myself this way takes deeper concentration.
    I don't expect you to understand so I'll take it out the equation.
    To sum it up this chapter is called self- love and dedication.
    I'm not sorry at all if that caused your plans any complication.
    Everything ends eventually no matter our expectations.
    Growth is finding peace in that regardless of the situation.
    Even lessons that are hard to learn deserves appreciation.