• newbreed 24w

    Mad obsessions of child-hood days yes they are so and I used to get them do too. This was the only way through which I can escape myself from that standards gap between me and her. After all that kinda love meant alot to me. No I think she is only few months elder than me. but my school teachers counted is as a whole year. A fear of making her sister is always been scaring me in day and night. I mean how could I ? how can I call her my didi when I have another kind feelings in my heart.
    A senior crush is always been confined with every student in his/her life but the only thing which does not let to continue that chapter is adressing your senior with what ? A question that tend to change mind of every silly junior fallen in love with their senior. After all no one can love by calling you bhaiya or didi.

    Back to school days a reality from there ��

    वास्तविकता। ✍

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    सीनियर थी वो

    Me: Yes I wish I could stare her for few extra minutes but this crazy ass has jealousy from me so he is always in a rush to ring that killing school bell.

    Friend: why dont you go and talk her directly ?

    Me: Bitch no I will not,never. You know actually she is my senior, and if I choose to talk her then I would have to adress her through "didi".

    -अगम जैन ✒