• drine_the_poet 20w

    Dear Self

    Dear Self
    Listen carefully as I speak
    The first love you need
    Must be from within
    Set standards for love
    Then act out on them
    Take yourself out on a date
    See a movie
    Attend a poetry slam
    Or check out the skating rink
    Do whatever you deem is fun to do
    As long as it does not bring harm to you
    Wake up daily and before bed
    Speak positive words of affirmations into your living space
    Stop comparing your life to others around you
    So what if you're single, unmarried, it will come in time Boo
    Sure your timeline may be cluttered with engagement announcements, wedding photos and gender reveal parties
    Yes we know how that goes
    You may be thinking
    When will that happen for me
    Where is the mate that I desire
    When can I have my own family?
    Remember that everyone's season is not the same
    You dont know the story behind someone else's
    So be happy for others
    Keep dating you
    Set the standard high
    NEVER forget your value
    Do not spend your time chasing love
    If the person wants to be with you
    They would make time
    If you are not one of his priorities
    Keep yourself occupied in your life
    Stay busy
    Do not overly text or call a dude
    Who barely makes time to talk to you
    The right one will hold on tight
    He will court you appropriately
    You would know where his heart lies
    Work on your communication skills
    Make sure you OVERLOVE yourself
    So when that mate comes your way
    You wont accept anything less

    Written: 10.10.19