• euripedesblack 6w

    The Other Room

    everyday i awake to the silence
    waiting for the world to transition
    i listen for unchained motion in the other room
    the pitter patter of little feet ready to explore
    bustling behind doors to create memories
    adolescent whispers hiding their energy
    excited for nothing more than their next breath
    idly accepting that the rising sun
    is enough of a reason to sigh and smile
    it’s hard to wonder about the times i’ve lived
    all the hard victories and great failures
    when i’ve endured rock bottom and still grown
    yet never able to look down at eyes i recognize
    it is an experience that shouldn’t be forbidden
    for some abstract reason offspring wasn’t written
    into the fabric of fate that my space was torn
    the universe said it was not why i was born
    i will never have ones that i call my own
    there will never be a sponge to consume
    all the strings that I’ve tied and undone
    so all i do is accept the decision and listen
    quietly reminiscing about what could have been
    memories born to live but destined for tombs
    wondering what happens inside that other room.