• akhilesh_mahender 50w

    He kept his coffee cup aside, and peeped into the room. She was hurriedly searching for something in the almirah. He slowly opened the door to see heaps of clothes scattered around the room.

    He shouted angrily, "Oh God! What's this nonsense! What are you doing?"

    The little girl turned around in shock, before a bundle of clothes feel on her head, from the top most row of almirah. She stood firm, while her legs were shaking in fear. Her eyes went moist.

    He took her in arms, and rubbed her head. Realising his mistake, he mumbled, "What is this? Why did you pull out all these things?"

    The little girl turned her head aside, trying to slip away from his arms, holding the tears.
    He held her firm. She was trying to escape the eye-contact.

    Soon, he whispered, "Ok dear! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Now, tell me, what were you doing? I won't shout on you, from now on! I swear! I'm sorry!"

    The little girl widened her eyes, unfurled a photo and pointing towards a little girl dressed in saree, asked, "Who's she?"

    He fumbled to answer, "Your mom, when she was a kid like you!"

    The little girl stammered, "I- I know, th- that she is mommy. I want this dress!"

    He remained silent for a while, and then mumbled, "But, but, for what?"

    She replied, "I've a fancy dress competition in my school!"

    Miles above, her mom was shedding tears this time.