• shreyasirhittika 9w

    Green, a restful colour of renewal, balance and harmony.

    The sun was lowering itself towards and below the horizon. It was the end of another day. People were beginning to leave, the city was slowing down. As the people gathered and left, the park emptied. The only sounds left were the cars heading south down the highway. It left an eerie feel. The end of a day signified the end of city life. Above the city, the sky displayed unparalleled beauty, coloured in countless shades of orange, the darkest on the east stretching towards the golden sun where the shades of orange glowed brightly. The great star had lost its gleam from earlier in the day; its new colour was mellow with a hint of gold. To me, it represented hope. The setting of the sun indicated the end of the day but with that, it brought the prospect of a brand new one.