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    _Morning Renewal And Transformation Time ⌚_

    Good morning friends of God's Holy Word. Hope we had a wonderful night rest.

    From my Bible, I really want to know how I can be Spiritually sensitive?

    ANSWER :

    ✍️ Can we take a close look at Romans chapter 8, verse 6? Please read from the NLT version...

    So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.
    Romans 8:6 NLT

    Living according to the Spirit means daily yielding to the promptings of the HolySpirit.It means to be aware of the presence of the Spirit of God around you.
    For example, He can prompt you not to listen to a particular song or it can prompt you not to visit a particular site.

    In the same vein, He can prompt you not to watch a particular TV. Programme. The choice is yours, will you remain natural or spiritual. The Holy Spirit can strongly warn ⚠ you about the temptation that you might not be able to resist.

    Wisdom applies that we follow the way of the Spirit and experience life and peace! Amen