• oo7concept 47w


    Tilting i grow daily,
    My strength goes weary,
    My heart goes wavy,
    Oh what can I say,
    I used to be the fiercest,
    I used to be the modest,
    I used to be the strongest,
    I used to be the realest,
    But no one do i feel,
    Perhaps not anymore.
    I feel my strength gushing out like a trench,
    My fiercest losing its flame,
    My modest just like a mirage,
    My realest just my weakness,
    Now my days are dawn upon me,
    My night has come on me,
    My death is imminent,
    But then come my saviour,
    Where the day parted with the night,
    Where the sun and moon still,
    Where stars and planets move,
    Where men and spirit meet,
    There upon me he dawned.
    There he took me to dimensions beyond time,
    And everything turned beyond fine.
    Seated I in the clouds,
    Love being my strength,
    Faith being my hope and Hope being my.....
    And there i met my END,
    Just where i began.
    What a Tragedy...