• jubika_sharma 5w


    Yes, I told you to go away but,
    I wanted you to stay, Stay
    till I got better, till I am fine.
    Left by giving me the pain,
    Left by breaking a part in me.
    Today, your love was absent.
    Your presence was not warm.
    All I could feel was your cold heart.
    I wanted you to feel me, understand me, shower your love upon me.
    But all you wanted was winning.
    Win over me.
    It was someone else who was unknown
    to me.
    Today, You changed yourself in me.
    I am still waiting, Waiting for you to come
    and ask "Are you Ok? ".
    Yes, I am waiting for you to make me believe
    that you are there for me.
    To ensure that this time would pass.
    But still all I have is WAIT.