• mdabdullahi 10w


    Decency run in our blood
    Learning is our tool
    Character our identity
    Discipline our pride

    Behold the legends
    A cool music is on track
    Both the lads and the chicks
    Maintain a normal decorum

    The sniper will give a step
    And the target will give a smile
    At this scene few dodged
    In a group we all converged

    The captivating nursery rhyme
    Were sang with Affections
    Hundreds years ago
    The songs still afresh

    Nostalgically indeed
    I'm in a different world
    And so were other comrades
    Bird of same feathers, flock together

    I remember in those days
    The songs we sang every morning
    Just like our daily prayers
    Today are hard to speak

    We are no more kids
    Some of us have kids
    Lots of us with chicks
    Some are battling with chickens

    I'm in love with all of you
    Seal the memories shared
    It maybe one in lifetime
    As we begin in peace so shall we end in peace.