• aastha_krushne 50w

    I dedicate this post to @clockwork_skinsuit
    Your comment "satisfaction keeps us stagnant" made me write this post. No hard feelings. I still respect your opinion.
    I have gone through your feed and you come across as a really sweet person.
    Much love.

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    If you understand it closely, it is the process that helps us grow, not the result. Desire for result cages us, it limits our possibilities. When we wish for something, we can achieve only that; but when we don't have any particular target in our mind, there is no limit to how much you can grow! You don't need to be result motivated. Fall in love with the process and see those things actually happening which you can't even imagine of dreaming! At the same time if things go wrong, (which do, many times) you are already well equipped to start again. Your love for the process is a motivation in itself.
    Satisfaction is state in which you are no more goal motivated. You do not have the burden of achieving anything and thus you have freedom of work. That's only when you can touch the undiscovered dimensions of yourself!
    ©Aastha Krushne