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    on days I felt like
    an asylum housing
    a mentally ill,
    I named myself
    Saint Paul de Mausole,
    asked my age old
    Van Gogh
    to paint purple
    'Irises' blooming in
    my garden
    and eternalize my
    despair on hundred
    and thirty canvases.

    on days I felt like a
    poor crow flying in
    uncertain directions ,
    I made myself believe
    that I am one of those
    crows that
    Gogh painted over
    windlaced 'Wheatfield'
    during the last weeks
    of his life.

    on days I felt like a
    suicide note, I named
    myself ' Almond
    Blossoms ' ;
    all white and hopeful,
    that lonely Gogh
    painted to gift his
    newborn nephew.

    and on all the days
    I felt too ordinary
    and worthless
    I convinced myself
    that I am a portion
    of Art.

    - Sakshi, Of Art


    ' Irises ' , ' Wheatfield with crows ' and ' Almond blossoms ' are some of the paintings by Dutch post Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh.

    Saint Paul de Mausole was the asylum where Gogh painted Irises.

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