• jasondulac_slampoet 22w

    Tag Team

    I’ve had many people come in and out of my life a lot. There have been times I blacklisted everyone in my social circle a started off fresh. But the one thing that’s been consistent in my life is family. I’m not gonna lie and say family is the most important thing in my life but they have definitely helped me through the tough times when I let them.

    Keyword when I let them because I was selfish as a teen I thought because I was an outcast that I had to do everything alone. But as you grow up you learn it’s not always a solo fight and you will need a team to help you if you want to make it through. Doesn’t mean you always need to rely on people but you have to know when you’ve fought to much to tag your partner in because you don’t want to be left dead in the ring.

    A lot of people who fight with mental illness keep the fight to them self. It’s a tool that’s been passed down by society. They say don’t talk about it and it will go away. But it will never go away. Learning to live freely with it and not let the stigma control you is half the battle. And having people in your corner you can tag in when times are tough will help you through the fight.