• _manasi_ 10w

    You've reached the last page on my diary
    And this one was the last one, out of the five
    Still you couldn't see a clue
    How your presence wasn't missed even in a single line

    I began to write cause I felt like I couldn't explain
    All these feelings and thoughts that I had
    They never quite found an outlet

    You finished reading the last line
    And stared at me for while
    Coffee was cold, and it was evening by now
    But you, your face, it lit up like a sunrise

    Can there be a feeling greater than love?
    I thought to myself
    I mean there has to be, right?
    Cause I've been in love with so many different people
    And I found that each time I could feel things that weren't there
    Was I acing the action of loving?
    Or that's just how it was supposed to be
    Newness every single time

    I float a bit longer
    In my thoughts of love
    And when I returned, I saw your eyes welled up
    I touched your cheek lightly with my palm
    Asking what was it that made you tear up
    You smiled widely and planted a kiss on my cheek
    And read the last line out loud
    "love isn't tough, it's soft and supple, and love wins everytime, no matter what."