• satchime 6w

    The Past

    They stabbed and break through the hearts
    and cause tears. Permanent scars.
    Words are just simple weapon
    that is sharper than sword.
    Should I have been stronger like now
    I knew I won't get hurt as deep as before

    Weak, ignorant, weirdo
    I was all that
    I am.. Right now and always
    Whether I'm good or bad
    It's just perceptions
    But I have my conscience

    Who knows
    I've been struggling
    While entrapped in the wall of personality
    I was blamed for my character
    While it's not my intention
    It's hard to admit
    I wish it wasn't real

    If I can't forgive them
    Then I possibly make others pay for it
    But because of these encounters
    in my journey
    I've become more understanding
    Towards people I will meet

    I fall but I rise back
    I felt so much despair but I recover
    Faith is all I have
    When everything seemed hopeless
    In pieces of dreams, unresolved
    I need to reach them

    It doesn't matter how the world perceived
    Holding on to principles, it will worth it
    When I look at the past
    It's always meaningful
    What I have prayed for in silence