• jazzgard93 9w

    I am hurting . Blurting out loud things I'm not proud of. Standing a ground which crumbles beneath me. Trees in the breeze making sounds of the sea, this should be freeing. Not seeing past the horizon. Caught between lines I am skipping. Flipping coins to predict my luck. Tucking worry dolls beneath pillow cases. Racing for the faces of my ancestors. A man blessed with holy water saves his daughter from slaughter when he brought her a torch to see before her. I am caught here. Stepping stones alone I'm prone to making mistakes. Taking time to jump lines mapped out in my mind bitter memories behind go well with sour limes. I'll take sugar to sweeten my taste buds. Floods or tears behind eyes , trapped in a disguise like dead flies caught to a web. Fuck knows what I'm saying, I so done with praying. Self will could kill me. Seeing lights in your eyes, I cant compromise with the devil beside you. Too focused on toasted marshmallows in yellow fire lit pathways. Grazed knees on the way to please the likes of others. Brothers follow a sorrow of a disease uneasy. Back to the breeze of the trees which sound like the sea so freeing.