• combatvet 10w

    PTSD is all to real, it is the silent killer. It doesn’t discriminate, Civilian or Military Service Member. Check on those you hold dear, you never know what they may be going through.

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    War or Family

    I gave so much in the name of god and country
    That sadly there wasn’t anything left for my family
    Now that its gone I’m left with a longing for the Middle East
    Locked and loaded headed into the belly of the beast
    Instead of with my family, making up for our lost years
    And the result is I’m alone at night with just my tears
    I’m not the same man that 11 years ago my wife married
    Failing to see that my pain and guilt she also carried
    Instead of having my wife and kids dancing in my mind
    I have my days at war and its not always the good kind
    I miss the days where on our lips we tasted immortality
    Although it was just a very false sense of security
    It’s not just the battlefield where a soldier falls
    Sometimes its at home alone cause death doesn’t answer his calls
    Ive lost its all by being blinded by the fog that’s left from war
    Some have tried to help but in their faces I’ve shut the door
    And now when I see friends and family we all fake a smile
    Although inside of our hearts we are hurting all the while
    So for now ill lay here alone tossing and turning at night
    Tomorrow throughout the day I’ll force a smile with all my might.