• laasya_xo 10w


    It was a nightmare. A nightmare I would never like to speak about. I harboured feelings for a guy. He initially loved me too to some extent ( I guess). Things changed after days. He found 'better'. I was fine after days. He wanted us to still be friends. I was fine with that too. I would never do that to the one who betrayed me but he was different.

    Very different. Very dangerous. He pulled me down, he did what I would let him do only if he loves me. He knew that. So, he pretended. I could never notice. ' Love is blind' and makes you blind. Someday, it was so clear that even my love's light turned dim. My blind self realised every thing. Every single thing. Don't ask me how. God gives us ways. I hurt myself, I killed a part of myself, and I gave up on myself. I wasn't sad for being betrayed. I have no right to cry for the mistakes I repeated by trusting even after a wound. Scars on me wanted for more, I bought them myself by repeating my fault. The thing that I hated was that I was fooled. Again and again. Again and again. I forgot how to and upto what extent I should prioritize people. Yes, it was my fault. He never cheated. I got cheated on. He was not wrong. It was me. After all, one could love only one person at a time. At least, he did.

    Now I know that I make mistakes to learn from them.