• thinkofmelaterinlife 30w

    Expressing Quietly

    All I had (Poor quality)
    Really Reality Realist
    All I had (More Poverty)
    Fuck Double Sipping
    More Drips Dripping
    Trouble Forever Living
    All I had (Forgiveness)
    Flaw It Claw It/ Catch Me
    Put the heads off I’m guillotine
    All I had (Killing Spree Triplets)
    This one lost golden ticket
    Reattach Get mismatched
    Sicker I go this sickest wicked
    Show Free up my game now
    All I had (Money Fame)
    Shouting my name out loud
    Look at daddy cuz I’m the one
    Carrying the children out of streets.

    Rake some leaves take a breathe sleep with ease
    Take the key outta the matt and see the beauty
    Forget snooty rude people, this world is
    it’s Place with own passion
    Believe relieve combine retrieve be gracious
    like special kinds

    Welcome to the biggest state of mind
    Signed to be by people
    Saying words of peaceful, take a chance
    of the opportunity of lifetime
    Put crime down the pipeline, say we don’t need drugs thugs wannabes,
    Freaks rapist things we won’t need to have
    If I was riche she be coming back Freebies

    Speciality of venue I’ll rescue
    Rest few
    Say phew I’m making it I’ll take it
    Make a world new like blue oceans view,
    drastically I’m opening focusing those bigger
    placement sorry for the disappointment,
    I’m planning my future, this is what thus we fussed about, about damn time to speak,
    Since 1998 I been holding plates on dates
    I’m free and I’m just running chasing facing more I’m slamming hard doors shut
    With your face saying shut up you fucked up,
    Damn all you did was committed instead
    now you about messed up in the head.