• ayushigupta 10w

    I wish u could me mine,
    But u are no more My Valentine.
    I wish it's ur lips to kiss,
    And this is what I always Miss.
    I wish it's ur arms where I can tug,
    I loved it when u held me like a bug.
    I wish I could hear words that were astonishing,
    That, I believed since u were promising.
    I wish to have stepped aside when u went unsteady,
    Ignoring it, I thought u are my teddy.
    I wish of those sweets to not take,
    When u bought me those chocolates.
    Overjoyed with happiness, I suppose,
    When it was the day u proposed.
    You were down with that running nose,
    It's when you gifted me the rose.
    But, I was naive to trust,
    Those words full of lust.

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