• blackdot 5w

    The fear is real , only to the people who feel.

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    Nothings clear,
    As the haze covers my eye
    Vision blurred , can’t see I tried
    As the horror encapsulates
    All of the senses elate,
    it’s too late ,to move.
    What should I do ,can’t escape,
    this dreadful mood,
    I tried though,
    convincing these voices Inside ,
    don’t listen
    All of this is fake
    ‘No,It isn’t’ it spoke
    Terror deep inside me broke me
    As my own mind tries to choke me
    I gasp ,
    As I keep on trying to scream
    All of this is real, it’s not a dream
    As my panic ,starts to reach extreme ,
    They say ...
    “He is being paranoid it seems”