• bamnbamn 5w

    3001-A Space Odyssey

    Geeky1: I just stood upon a giant rock.

    : You think so? Well, You are wrong.

    Geeky1:What makes you think that I am wrong?

    : Because this rock has a story, way more 'heart breaking' than what you might imagine of.

    Geeky1: A story? Of what sort?

    : A story of love.

    Geeky1: Are you freaking kidding me?

    : No, this rock had an undying love on humans.

    Geeky1: Humans?

    : Yes, the first of all species to gain the sixth sense!

    Geeky1: Woahh! You mean... Our ancestors?

    : Yes! They had spent their entire life destroying this "rock". You know what they would've done after they sucusefully destroyed it.

    Geeky1: Abandoned their own planet. That's so cruel, grandpa!