• lighght 21w

    //The Halo over my perfect conditioned hair//

    I should've seen
    The crust of of your very sins

    You should've seen
    What you're talking yourself into
    But you did, barged in.

    I should've locked you in my eyes
    Having the habit to let happiness go
    I tarnished your expectations
    Right besides the other dead souls.

    And I'm na-ive for stepping in to
    The grass I didn't felt before
    The layers of hues in the sky
    Looked like I was no more colourblind

    I ho'ered over the fact
    I'm the cause of one of the artifacts
    Artifacts who represent my unhappiness
    Artifacts who represents my destruction.

    Go pick up some sunflowers
    You can't make it in one of your metaphors!
    Stop acting like you owe every flower in this world to come in your poetries.


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