• sanjanarai 30w

    She who always gets thrones but fills our life with roses.
    She who tames our tantrums and tries to make us saner folks.
    She often doesn't get the respect that she ought to get !!!
    This mother's day let's start giving respect to the sanest person ever on planet !!!
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    In this fake world,
    a mother is the genuine one.
    Just because of her the cosmos runs.
    She often doesn't care for herself,
    but still cares about her loved ones
    and showers them with her storge love.
    We can never find a single speck of poignancy in her eyes.
    She who always swoons with delight,
    whenever she listens about the triumph of her loved ones.
    She never asks for the respect she ought to have in the family, but always be on the ball for the welfare of her family.
    But why don't we care about her?
    As all these things are nothing short of miracles!!!!