• byanisha 9w

    His sweetheart

    He called me his sweetheart
    So why did he break my heart?
    He said he loved me and
    Travel with me to the moon and stars,
    I guess he lied;
    Or was honest
    But changed his mind.
    I remember his favorite color: it was black
    Little did he know I made black my favorite too;
    I dreamt of gazing the stars with him
    Well,he didn't really wanted to.
    It was in the month of October;
    He told me, he'll love me forever,
    It was the month he broke my heart
    But didn't he called me his sweetheart?
    I'll never know why he left,
    And he'll never know how much I weeped,
    Maybe that's the difference between us:
    One willing to love and the other to leave.