• the_trailblazer 9w

    Dear More-than-just-a-friend,

    You ask me "How do you like me?"
    Now tell me, how do I answer this question!!?

    It's like having to remember and feel the countless orgasms that you have given me in my dreams, all at once. Hot, flushed, drenched and exhausted as I am right now just with the remembrance.

    I rip your tank top off your body while you shove off my already unbuttoned shirt. We uncover each other down to our undergarments. We stand close but not close enough to share the warmth. I wish to cup your cheeks but my hands tremble. My fingers hot with nerves. I realise my fingers aren't warm anymore. Now they burn touching your skin. I gulp down my nervousness and let myself find a way into you.

    My hands do slide down your skin from your cheeks to your waist but my gaze has been trapped by your eyes. I occasionally steal a glance at your lips only to realise that they haven't been helping me get out of that trap but pushing me into it. I finally give in and let your gaze seep into my core strumming the strings of the songs that my soul hums with mere mention of your name. I see your pupils delated. Are they imitating my tranquility in mockery or responding to the ripples that reflect from mine back on them after drenching me wet?

    You move closer causing my fingers to linger on your lower abdomen. I am taken aback by the sudden motion, I look down where my hands are positioned. Only when I gaze back into those magnetic traps to seek your consent, your lips thrust on mine. I stand dumbstruck at this moment. It's when youd start burning my lower lip nipping it, that my fingers unable to contain the restlessness seek for their holy grail. They indeed find it in your wetness.

    You shiver at the mere rub of my fingertips on your cherry. You hold me by neck pushing my lips harder into yours while your other hand glides down grabbing the softness of my chest making circles as though finding a way in to invade my heart. How come the owner wishes to invade? Well I invade too, dig deeper with curiosity, holding you by the waist to have the better access. You arc your back and jump to my thrust moaning loudly.

    The urge to taste you makes me oblivion. I throw you on the couch and find myself unveiling your grail tasting it balancing the reverence and thirst on my tongue. I feel like I drank lava. You scream my name at the top of your lungs as though cheering me up in the game. I don't stop till my lips are dripping with the wine that your grail spills all over my face . I stare dead in your eyes smiling to my skills. You swear to wipe that smile out of my face and let your tongue track my lips. I allow you in.

    It's your turn to sweep me off my feet. You push me on the floor and unveil to see all of me. Your predator gaze gives me goosebumps. I must admit you know your tongue game. Your tongue measures my body. From my softness to my wetness, you explore me like a shaman. And now every inch of my body holds the taste of your saliva. You leave me enchanted and utterly breathless. Now you laugh at my face rubbing your bare skin on mine and I breathe in your breath.

    We both lay exhausted in each others arms. Our neck, shoulders, cleavage, abdomen, inner thigh inked red, purple, maroon holding the story of our fantasy written by our lips on each other with complete ecstasy. Let alone sleep, we refuse even to blink savoring the moment of our night. Red light from the dawn peeping through the window makes us realise that night left us blushing red to itself.

    This is how you crash into my dreams every single night. Reluctant, unapologetic, passionate, ruthless, curious, obsessed and possessive.

    So when you ask me how do I like you?

    I like you the way you are in my dreams... naked, wet and all over me.

    Your dreamer