• issacher 22w

    Deep breath truly clears the mind.
    I inhale....truth comes to form
    In many details..
    in case your in a phase.. too hurry to relate too fired to be in control of your own fate....
    Take a deep breath... no mantra I'm after.. just to help you to remember.
    Is nature we follow improvement for the better.
    " taste your words before you spit them out" without a doubt..
    Fresh breath is your right to life.. no
    bwoy nuh gyal can even try mess kah bring strife..
    Take a deep breath..
    Clear the roof of your mind.. birth forth the ambitious kind... indulge the past and future soul time. Ever since I tuned inward.. caught the wind from the ancients forward..
    "Patient man ride donkey"
    Only the conscious eye will see.
    Bring dem drag dem to the river their own reflection they fear after.
    When last you take a breath, and listen keenly to what the ancestors say next.
    Boost and bowsey.... lift up your chest.
    To the universe who answers after every thought you possess they manifest....

    Copyright (c) Issacher #inspiration

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