• cloudtales 5w

    Sea of goodbyes.

    Wading through
    Icy cold waters
    Is what it feels like
    Remembering us together
    The gaping inside
    Yet unaffected keeps yearning
    And I bear along

    A missing
    An empty space between my fingers
    An unforgettable cold breeze from the ocean
    Only if it didn't hurt so much
    Only it didn't even after
    so much time had flied by
    But I cannot afford anymore now
    But remember the warmth of your hands, I do.
    Only if I could go back,
    Stop the slipping of the sands
    Hold you back, hold you close.
    But the waves never stopped,
    Never come back,
    Never stayed the same,
    Never yearned me back,
    And as I wage through, alone,
    These thousand little prickles
    In betrayed memories of us,
    each moment sharper than the other.

    If Only now
    Would this wretching stop,
    Could the sea stops whispering into my ears
    A gentle whisper taunts me,
    Your breath ? Does it ?
    No I tell myself
    just a sea shell over the ear now,
    Just a phantom long gone.

    Madness finds new found meaning inside me,
    Wanting to cling on to twigs of hope
    Is a little flicker still inside of me
    Wanting to reach out to the stars
    From their reflections in the mudded water
    Wading through ice,
    Feeling just the pain,
    I left there for me.

    But the sea being the sea cold yet full of hope,
    Boats move past me
    taunting with their shallow depth,
    As lost as ever, all clinging to veary hope.

    I think I am done swimming for now.
    I guess I will give up now.
    It's time to leave the sea,

    Seek for the skies
    And fly.