• griotzaki 5w

    XOXO... for Asami

    Unspoken words that will be manifested in these verses ,
    loving verbs expressed in these cursive,
    I wanted to open my rib cages ,
    to absorbed all your hurt,
    and take the weight off your shoulder blades.
    Beautiful black woman ;

    I wanted to be your sunshine
    Every time you experienced a black cloud .
    I wanted to catch every black tear,
    before they stained your dairy pages.

    I wanted to know all your pretty little fears,
    as they little that you revealed,
    Were like music to my ear.
    I have wisdom like Solomon,
    but I ran out of ideas ,
    to show you how much this griot really cared.

    I got a glimpsed of your beautiful black soul ,
    and it was hard to let go ,
    Love liberates and fear cripples.
    so I loosen my grip ,
    felt like I was suffocating you ,
    so I gave the last ounce of air out my lungs,
    to be the wind beneath your wings.

    I saw a queen in you,
    the entire universe was bloomed in you ,
    I still want you to bloom,
    even if I am not the one watering your moon.
    You could have bloom my 3rd eye out
    or blew my 3rd eye out ,
    all when I blew your black back out ,
    Be a bolster , a plastic for ever blister
    your summer rain , in every drought.

    I hate to sound sexual,
    but I would have spammed you ,
    until it changed your mood.

    Many times I shrunk my ego and compromised ,
    just to have a view,
    I have mapped out constellation and sailed many seas,

    But life currents kept leading me back to you.

    So I pray you catch a wave,
    until you meet the you in you .
    Illuminated luminary,
    I just want what's best for you....

    xoxo ,