• clockwork_ 22w

    This is quite brutal. The things people have said towards me in and out of the web. (This contains curse language) This may be only part 1, but I thought I'd made this to show that even if I haven't been physically harmed yet, words hurt so much. The world is such a harsh, harsh place. Trust nobody, even you're closest friends, because they are capable of anything.

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    my list of threats. the things that made me cry.

    "Shut the fuck up, or I'm gonna rape the fuck out of you're ass."
    "Go ahead, kill yourself."
    "I. Hate. You."
    "You're the one watching PornHub!"
    "Shut up, this is why people get cancer"
    "Why did you cry so much?"
    "Hah. That was a bad move."
    "You're such a loser."
    "Get a real life. No one likes you!"