• strangers_and_thesoul 10w

    Embrace the glorious mess that you are!

    I am that page of book, where words turn into notions,
    where love replaces by hate thus,
    shadows disappear & lighten the roads!
    where storms stop, and breeze blows.
    watching me smiling, turn his anger into care, as her smile shine as beauty glare.
    Thorns seem no more sharp, become soft as petals of flowers,
    & Her skin glows without any turmeric massage!
    Watching her dancing, pain swivel back to stores,
    watching Her, water twirl high at the shores!
    Wounds start healing with her one soft blow,
    She never stay still, as God keep her going like water flow!
    Loathe me a little less, appreciate me a little more,
    I'm the astonishing mess,
    you may never have met before!