• vaishnaviganar_ 11w

    The wind is lot more than a just being a part of nature, ever noticed the change that made us realize that it has the fragrance of our dear once the frequency that makes us feel happy and energetic.

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    I don't know what allures me the most
    The wind that has got essence of you
    Or the wind that answers the uncertainty
    May be in both the cases wind is not just a medium
    It is complete language in its own sense
    May be it has a lot to ask
    May be it has to say hey I'm here for you
    May be it has to play and feel nostalgic
    Or may be just watch us growing every second
    Like an invisible eye it shelters me
    Guides me through the tough times
    I don't know how you communicate with the wind
    But it is best that it brings essence of you for me!!