• hymnofthewind 6w

    It's the story of
    A jar so intricate,
    Out of which came,
    Sickness and hate.
    A curse wrapped
    Like a present
    Given by gods, great,
    To punish mankind,
    For accepting fire
    Stolen from them.

    Revenge was plotted
    By mighty Zeus.
    From clay a women
    Like goddess of love
    Herself, was modelled
    By Hephaestus
    The artisan unmatched.
    Breathed in her life,
    Blessed with curiosity
    Pandora was her name.

    With air she descended
    Into the land of human.
    Said she was a gift,
    A peace offering from gods.
    A jar was entrusted
    To her with a warning,
    That it was never
    To be opened; but
    Pandora fell, a pawn
    In the game of lords.

    Curiosity, filled in her,
    Overpowered sense
    And as she unlocked
    The wretched jar,
    Off flew all the evil,
    Purposefully locked.
    Humans were plagued
    With miseries many.
    So she released from it,
    The anecdote called hope.


    It's about the greek legend of Pandora's box.
    I was discussing it with a friend that pandora or curiosity shouldn't be blamed. Well, he made an excellent point quoting that all the things that can be discovered, shouldn't be. Now I'm more confused than before.

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    Pandora's Curiosity

    The story of a box so intricate,
    From which came miseries and hate,
    With the light know as hope.