• stevenlee 6w


    She sits, in a plastic and cardboard box, being in her, temporary home, resting on, a cold metal shelf, put in, all clean and fluffy, from her handler, who must have been, her creator and who, had packaged her up, as she rode by, on a long conveyor belt, to be shipped, to a toy store, out in the great unknown, as she looks out, through bright buttoned eyes and with, a big, pink bow, around her neck, as she is, waiting patiently, for someone, anyone, to come rescue her, from her prison, of solitude and to, free her, as her pawed arms, are outstretched and ready, to give a hug, in thanks and pressing her, cloth like mouth, to her owners cheek, for a soft kiss, in thanks, as well.

    So now, one day, her excitement grows, as she feels, suddenly weightless, being put now, in a cart, to be paid for, as a surprise, to her new owner, as a special gift, being wrapped up and put, under a tree, as the hours, seem like, an endless eternity, to now see, the sweet, smiling face, of a little girl, ripping her cell apart and to, finally be held and to, be squeezed tight and played with and then, when bedtime comes, to be snuggled and cuddled, under the blankets, in loving arms, never to sleep alone again, but now, watching over, this princess, throughout the night.