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    It's story of Mitali and Amish, They were married from 5 yrs. They were happy in their own beautiful world.but suddenly one day something happened with them and changed somethings which they haven't thought of.
    It was sunday Mitali was at their garden, were watering their plants. Suddenly she fell down and fainted Amish ran towards her to hold her and he took her to the hospital.
    After 2 hrs mitali opened her eyes and said a single word which confused, n literally shattered him because Mitali was calling him Sumit. Amish first sat near her holding her hand and said why are you calling me by this name, she looked into his eyes and smiled n slowly spoke into his ears how can i call u jana in hospital n closed her eyes n fall a sleep. After that Amish was shattered, he couldn't stop his thoughts for a single minute and literally scared thinking about his beloved wife's words. He was waiting when she will be fine soon. Because he loved her so much, she is his heart, he couldn't even think a moment without her.
    After 1 hr Mitali opened her eyes, she was looking good now, her health was good and dr discharged her. Amish again came near to her holded her hand and smiled.but once again Mitali called him Sumit then he said her softly mitali I am your Amish so why are you calling me by this name. She laughed and said you are really naughty, never miss a chance to tease me,Amish shattered and he told her that he will come in few minutes and suddenly left room. Continuously his mind revolving around her beloved wife's words. He ran towards dr and told everything, he asked dr what happened to my wife she is calling me by another name so on that dr asked Amish to sit and explained Mitalis disease , Amish was shocked by Dr's words bz dr told him she is suffering from disease in which person looks normal but some of the memories, names person forget and most things person remembered only from pasts, person forgets about recent things. Amish got scared, he cried, he prayed n asked god why this happened to her. But suddenly he remembered n questioned then why mitali is calling him sumit. But still he managed to console himself and took mitali to their home.
    He took care of her everyday because he were in deepely love with her. After few days when she started feeling good he sat with her and tried to ask her that why is she calling him Sumit. But that day Mitali got furious and said why r are usking me this again and again. Its your name so i called you by that name what's the big deal. Amish sat numb after listening her words and he didn't say anything after that. He started searching about Mitalis disease on Google and he could get some info, most of the case were saying it might be because of pasts which someone couldn't forget for long period of time now he started thinking, so he visited Mitalis close frnds and told them everything and he came to know surprising reality about Mitali's past relationship with sumit first time he was shocked and couldn't utter a word, but when Mitali's frnd told him about everything then he realized that even though she loved sumit but after marriage she was living happily with Amish only. She was happy with amish, she was enjoying every day with amish.
    So Amish controlled his emotions and returned to home, but when he saw smile and care On Mitali's face for him, he just forgot about everything.
    Day by day going on Amish was in deep agony of heart, because he couldn't event share this with Mitali because he didn't want to loose her, because he was still loving her madly even after knowing reality.
    As days were passing on Everything was normal expect one thing Mitali was calling him Sumit she has forgotten his name, she didn't even remember his real name but one thing Amish started noticing while talking with Mitali even though she was calling him Sumit but she was remembering only memories which he has enjoyed and lived with Amish, she remembered a every single thing which she has done with Amish only .
    So one thing Amish realized even though she is calling him Sumit but he was the one whose memories she had with her and he realized one thing that even though she has loved someone in her past but todays reality is she is loving her husband only. Ans whatever she is remembering that are memories which we have spent together.
    So one thing he promised himself after realization that he will never ever tell mitali about what has happened and he consoled his heart to Accept sumit name for him, because only thing he wanted that to make her wife happy always. For that he accepted unknown name.now they are happy couple, Amish is living with strange person's name just for his beloved wife and this is beauty of their hearts.
    Amish is such a great lover !