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    As much as I love writing my thoughts, sometimes I get zoned out of my passion for writing.


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    Small fish

    A small fish that I am
    Swimming in this great sea
    Racing among thousands of fish
    With varying potentials and zeal
    We are all gathering towards a common goal-
    To unload what's buried within
    And vomit secrets through inks

    I and my pen in cahoots against my obscured mind
    Scheming to dispell any insecurities of mine
    Though constantly being hijacked by my lack of words
    Where I sometimes surrender and I...
    I lost the vital touch of life,
    I'd go back to being a silent spectator
    As my words began to die for not giving
    much attention.

    I watch other fish swim past me
    Chasing dream after dreams
    They passed along words of wisdom
    "Persistence is key", It said.
    And it makes me think again
    Where have all my vigour gone to
    When I am too swimming in the same sea?