• radical_bidyarthi 26w

    Part 10

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    Happy Pill

    Last Day,
    It felt heavy
    Not once I missed my pills.

    Jobs both at Private and Public sectors were near death.
    Sheila Ma'am said
    (She was an older version of Angelina Jolie)

    Did I care about jobs.
    Yes, I didn't.

    What I cared about was missing Ispita.
    Late night walks around the Campus.
    Late night Dinners.
    Discussions on Communism.

    Stop being myself
    Start being a faker again.
    (Remember those threat calls)

    This was your last class.
    Sheila Ma'am announced.

    Ispita smiled,
    Finally we are going back home
    Yes, I replied.

    I knew I was badly going to miss this Happy Pill of mine.
    Yes, I wanted to tell her how I felt.

    But couldn't.
    Yet these memories. You won't ever be mine but these memories are only mine.

    It's been 8 years now.
    She is getting married.
    I was going to see my Happy Pill for the very last time.

    And yes I don't take pills to see beyond the sea now. Remember those memories. They are still safe.