• countlordkeyshawn 6w

    My Señorita

    The tattoos pop on her Carmel skin and she’s what dreams are made of.
    She is a living breathing master piece of art that you must acknowledge and love.
    As she moves down the corridors of my mind.I feel a shiver trickle down my spine.
    I ask my self how can an angel and demon be both my soulmate and yet still be mine.
    My best wishes,are her best kisses as I’m straddling her as I’m running my hands through her hair.
    Sunset and sunrise kisses on the other side of the moon. I ask of you find something that can compare ? I dare?
    Mexican beach walks as waves crash around us as we talk.
    The sun blinding and binding us as we Frolic as the birds gawk.
    The hotel room sign says “do not disturb”.so yes don’t bother us with a mere knock.
    No need for watches it’s always half past fun O’clock.
    She’s my baby girl,my señorita.
    She’s my Carmel princess my delicate flower, she’s my margarita.
    She’ll always be my favorite drink right to the last drop.
    If you’ve seen this and love this girl.how could you or anyone for that matter ever stop ?
    She is my heartbeat of rhythm until finally at last I must drop.

    ©️Lord Key’shawn