• shmizzy 22w


    Do you know what i find to be one of the most damning conundrums i have ever come across? Being in love with one who finds true happiness in you, but disregards that pure enlightenment in sake of a popular vote amongst their peers. Can an individual be so lost for acceptance in a field misbelief that they forsake all that makes them whole? For each sellout and dirty trick they turn emotions of rudimentary being like stardust into blacktop gravel and wet sand on dirty beaches. They feed off a love thats pure for them and in their mission on social clarity they themselves are the architects of their own downfall to each and every life that has loved them in outcasted oblivion. For every past relationship or friendship, young, old, good and fucking amazing is like a battery pack. Your love for them is what gives them the power to turn that love, Into everything you hate. For when a soul bleeds, another blackened vessel makes its way to taste the stars. And your just stuck wondering. Did they ever know how to love to begin with?