• a__soul 5w

    In labyrinth there are multiple ways but only one correct way to get out.
    It seems simple actually choose right or left. One will get you out of there and the other will lead you deep in the void where
    there's no chance of returning back.
    It always comes down to the choices we made. Some good ,some bad ,some really beyond awful.
    Choices come with surprise side effects. And side effects are not good. These are the things that can't be predicted. Things happen and you lose control and sanity. You take the easy road and start blaming yourself even cursing and punishing.
    Choice are not easy it creates Chaos inside one's mind causes everything unsure, unhealthy .
    Realisation is the cure. Start talking to yourself
    Say things you like. Treat yourself and celebrate who you are in this world. Realise your worth your rights, your peace of mind. Realisation comes slowly and starts glowing like a bulb making everything brighter and visible. That's how things should turn out in the dark,
    realisation illuminate the entire messed up mind turning it bright and shiny.
    © Ipsita20